Freeride / Touring week for really experienced ski

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Nadtastic 5 years ago | Last edited by Nadtastic (5 years ago)


I am writing to see if anyone here would be interested in a Freeride/touring week...?

The plan would be to get a small group, of say... 4 really good skiers to be lead by my friend and Mountain Guide Matt Helliker Your text to link here...

Matt is based in Chamonix, so we could spend the week there or there is the possibility of trying a different resort like La Grave or Zinal. The week would consist of day tours with perhaps some 2 day trips into the mountains staying in huts.

Now, here comes the most important bit- your experience and skill level. Its very difficult to find skiers of the same level of experience and skill for off-piste, so what I would say here is that we would be looking for skiers with many years of experience who can ski all terrain (particularly off-piste) and all conditions at a good speed and with control. Some small amount of touring experience is a bonus- Matt can teach the touring part, but I would stress again that your skiing level is the most important aspect here. You should have skied Couloirs and steeps, crud can actually be enjoyable to you and deep powder is what you dreams of- cruising big lines at top speed from top to bottom! Sounds like you????

Sorry If I sound a little patronising here, but its so important to get right... otherwise no one will enjoy the trip! If you have any videos or can write up a mini Ski CV that would be great (I've had to write one before- and its quite entertaining to look back at your skiing career!!!)

Fitness is also an integral part here as there will be quite a few hours a day of ascending whether its touring, boot packing, scrambling with crampons and axe, with the odd abseil to find the sweetest snow!

As for equipment? You will need to hire equipment if you don't already own it... and as for touring boots, you could possibly get away with alpine boots if they are super comfy... 

As for dates or prices, this has yet to be discussed... as we just want to see if there is interest first.

Let me know if any of your guys or girls are interested...

PS- This is not and advert! I'm not looking to make money... just trying to find some like minded skiers wink


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sqmaleb 4 years ago | Last edited by sqmaleb (4 years ago)

hi mate, I would be intrested in the trip, can you tell me when more less you'd like to go and how much would the trip cost?

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SK1ing 4 years ago

this is an amazing opportunity , if i was at the right level I would be there!.

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