Serre Chevalier

La Cucumelle

At the top of the Cucumelle lift, you turn left and look up! you should be able to see a cross at the top of the Cucumelle peak, that will be the start point and where you should get your skis on unless you have skins!! so not a massive hike though, usually takes 20 mins without skins!!
Skiing parallel to the piste to get your bearings you can't go wrong.. as you get further down the tree line will come back and the hidden village de Frejus, passing that meeting up with either the green run or skipping over that to then meet back on Le Bez

All Season, More snow the better
Vertical drop:
800 m

How´s the skiing:
Variable, usually easy and fun with not too many crazy features!

Level of difficulty:

By: Alex (guest) | 16/01/2012