Top of the Gant-Hohtalli Cable car.

Take the red 'roadway' out of the top station. Break left from the piste at the first right hand bend (you'll see three wooden telegraph poles ahead) to go down the 'valley' due west. You'll cross over red 44 and then pick up red 28 at Brietboden - cut off the post to the right after Brietboden and you van pick up yellow 30 for the bottom half.

Alternatively out of the top station, follow the road down several bends until you see a low wooden fence to your right (gaps in it) drop off the bothom (right) of the piste and you'll ski down to yellow 31.

All season
Vertical drop:
800 m

How´s the skiing:
1000m from Hohtalli down to Gant, you can probably get 800m of piste from this. These runs give you the benefit of the Trifti/Stockhorn area, but the ride to the top is a single, fast cable car, and not the convoluted journey to the Stockhorn.

There is a red piste that snakes steadily down to Gant and this route makes a couple of the yellows and some other options. The snow varies - late season there is powder in some of the bowls and the steepness means that there is a mix of power, ice, grid and rocks.

Level of difficulty:

By: Daniel (guest) | 07/08/2012